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Date: Changes:
2010-09-29 Added a "new" version of the network stack which uses TPacket* instead of the old char* for the packets.
2010-03-08 Added picture to Control Panel and changed the text of that project.
Added text about the RF part of the Switch project and also added 2 pictures there.
2010-02-20 Added 'b' command to Roller Blinds .
Changed color of unimplemented ideas to light blue in the menu and gray in the title.
Added Roller Blinds 2 project for the movie screen.
Added Power Supply project.
Added Networked Debug Interface.
Added Control Interface.
Added Dimmer project.
Added Error Logger project

2010-01-24 Added chapter: Current Source.
Added chapter: 4-20mA Interface.
Added brain stormed list to: LC Meter.
Updated source code examples in: Network switch.
Added a new idea to: Voltage Meter (about 4053).
Added idea of adding transistors / fets to: Switch Box.
Added DDS to: Function Generator.
Added chapter: Tea Timer.
Changed "Programmer 4 to: Programmer UsbAsp.
Changed link in Homelab Introduction from "Frequency meter" to LC Meter.

2010-01-23 Added 10 chapters about the "Home Lab".
Invite people to help in the introduction of the "Home Lab" Introduction"Home Lab" part.
Added chapter of the Kitchen Timer.
Copyed all html to Open office and spent an hour in the spelling checker to find as much spelling errors as possible.
2009-12-31 Every project has it's own download directory now.
Added chapter about my new programmer (Usbasp).
All network projects changed again to work with Packets instead of arrays.
Removed lots of spelling errors.
All Prev / Top / Next links are now above the 152 pin ATTINY2313 but there are still some errors.
Updated chapter about Network switch / router / gateway.
Changed "zip" folder to "Downloads" folder to make room for old project downloads.
Todo: Update all network related projects. (New downloads).
Todo: Add pictures of Usbasp to my site. (Camera has flat batteries).
Todo: Change ugly big "Source code" links to a smaller font.
Todo: Add series resistors in Usbasp.
Todo: Split homepage in separate html files for each chapter.

2009-11-22 Bugfix in NetworkTransceiver.
Update of Network Alarm clock.

2009-11-14 Big maintenance to the Network Stack.
All Packets are now of type char for easier string operations.
Changed definitions of NETWORK_RS485_PIN and NETWORK_RS485_ENABLE_PIN
Updated all network related projects.
Big maintenance to all old projects.
It's not guaranteed that all projects work without changes, but all projects compile now (again) without errors.

2009-11-08 Changed file names of all pictures with "%20" to _.
Wrote new chapter about "Beamer Control Henk".
Added new frequencies and removed some bugs from my timer lib.
Added schematic of digital electronics part of the volume control project.
Made a number of changes to get my web site through the validator.
My web counter does not get through the validator.

2009-10-10 Added a hits counter.

2009-05-08 Added some metatags.
Some minor text changes.
added site to open directory:
Moved this changelog to a separate html page.

2009-05-03 Added diagram of the Transceiver Statemachine.
Added picture and text of Breadboard Components.

2009-04-29 Added picture of Breadboard Databus connection.

2009-04-28 Fixed links to dimmer.png and to Stepper 2 Bit.png

2009-04-19 Added GPL to (most of) my source code and added download links to my website.
Divided files of my website over .jpg .png and .zip directory's.

2009-04-10 Added Photographs of Network Mill and Network Thermometer.
Added membership of AVR webring.

2009-04-08 Completely rewrote the Introduction.
Added the chapters: Digital Audio Switch and Hub/Switch
Rewrote chapter about dcx2496 (It's length is halved).
Added chapter about Roller Blinds.

2009-04-07 Wrote a start of the Introduction.
Added 2 photographs to the Network Dcf Clock chapter.
Added chapter for the Dimmer.
Added some pictures and schematics.
Added all prev, Top, and Next links.

2009-04-06 Added the chapter about the Network Dcf Clock.

2009-04-05 Updated background: Overal picture is lighter, Holes are darker.
Picture for article separator.
Made more pictures with Gimp.
Added some text.
Removed 321 errors for successful w3c validation.

2009-04-04 Added more pictures and some text.
Added Background picture.

2009-04-03 Started playing with Gimp and adding the first pictures to my website.